Marriage is a

5) Social
6) Economical
1) Personal
2) Emotional
7) Legal
3) Physical
4) Family

The ordering of these issues depends from person to person depending on his awareness and requirements analysis (SRS) .

The better we can manage all these issues the forward we can lead this life.

There's a Manager and a Leader in every person.

I don't mind sharing my commitment.
The one with whom I could spend 24 hours together comfortably could be my life partner. 

Marriage is a licence to share bodies. With one whom you cant share your mind how can you share your body is the question arises in me. What about u ? 

Life is precious. We should be careful but not fearful.

We are not left with any option to choose our parents or other family members. But we've got option to choose our life partner. Interesting right ?

What I observed is that God is not punishing the offending people. That is why many people have to take extreme steps and even to utilize the legal rights by consulting police and Courts. My realization says if we can’t help ourselves no God can help us.

This is a knowledge world; particularly the modern days; we are in information age.

With my friends i can share all my thoughts. How can i marry a person ( a person with whom i had to sleep for the most compelling reason ) with whom i can't share my thoughts ?

With a person with whom i can't share my thoughts how can i share my body !!!!!!!!!

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